Medicinal Art

When my friend approached me about making a customized painting for my office, I jumped at the opportunity! Rod has been making multi-layered, multi-media art for years and is an embodiment of Love Itself.

He coached me through the creation of a unique set of chakra affirmations that reflect the exact vibration of healing that I desire to promote. I chose a theme of safety as I work with lots of people healing from trauma; old and new, big and small, overt and complex. Building a sense of feeling safe here and now is an important element for deactivating the fight/flight/freeze response so that healing can begin.

He painted these affirmations, layer upon layer, and in the process encoded the final product with the essence of each of them. (I’ve attached the individual affirmations below.) The final layer is based on a shape from the tradition of sacred geometry called the seed of life. It represents the interconnectivity of all beings. While this is not my area of expertise, I recognize a symbol of power when I see one, and wow! This is a visual representation of an energy similar to what I share in my Reiki practice.

The icing on the cake is the attached crystals and set of stones engraved with the chakra symbols, cultivating harmony within and well as with the natural rhythms of the universe. These photos don’t do the art justice, but you can get a glimpse of its potency. Below is a close-up of the disk representing the heart chakra, Anahata; the center of the painting, and seat of love, joy, compassion, and gratitude within us all.

The overall result is not only beautiful, but also a healing experience for those in its presence. It’s hanging in my office where I am able to gaze upon it and absorb and transfer its benefits during treatments. Clients generally close their eyes during a session, but many have commented on the effect it has when they enter the room.

During this time of great turmoil and uncertainty, I feel incredibly blessed to have access to one more tool for healing. Every effort we make to raise life-force energy, access inner wisdom and serenity, and boost the immune system has a cumulative effect on our well-being. This then ripples out into the world, touching all those whose paths cross our own.

These are the affirmations that have been layered into the painting. Feel free to use them as a starting off point for creating phrases that resonate deeply within yourself. May they bring you comfort and healing.

First chakra. It is safe for me to be here and to take up space. I belong.
Second chakra. It is safe for me to feel and express all of my emotions. I am connected.
Third chakra. It is safe for me to act in accordance with my values. I am empowered.
Fourth chakra. It is safe for me to give and receive love. I am loving. I am loved.
Fifth chakra. It is safe for me to speak and hear the truth. I express myself freely.
Sixth chakra. It is safe for me to see the truth and activate my intuition. I am guided.
Seventh chakra. It is safe for me to access my inner knowing. I am awake.

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