Reiki is My Business Manager

Reiki is My Business Manager

Nearly every week I get an email from an SEO provider who wants to propel my website to the top of all search engine results and quadruple my business. While they might have mad technical skills, it’s clear that they don’t know about Reiki.

Reiki is my SEO provider, my marketing advisor, and my schedule keeper. I use Reiki, frequently and with great delight, to energize my intention to fulfill my soul’s purpose while serving compatible clients who appreciate my gifts and are a pleasure to work with.

Yup. That last part is super important! Anyone who has ever worked in any service industry anywhere knows that one difficult client can be exhausting. There have been times when I’ve ignored my intuition and made special accommodations for someone who proved to be very challenging and regretted it deeply. I would have rather had the afternoon off, without pay, than endured a hassle that was much greater than the compensation.

I’m much more interested in the quality of results than the quantity.

If you know any human SEO providers who are also Reiki practitioners, understand the power of intention, and grok metaphysics, please send them my way! In the meantime, no, I am uninterested in having masses of random folks flocking to my website.

If you’re already practicing Reiki, here are a few tips for rocking your goals. This Reiki stuff really works, so take care with what you ask for!

Words like compatible, ease, grace, efficient, effortless, and enjoyable cover a lot of ground. You don’t need to spell out the details of what compatible or easy mean because Reiki is innately intelligent. It already knows. My definition of compatible is fluid, depending on various and variable circumstances, and Reiki can roll with that fluidity.

Also, I find it extremely helpful to focus on how I want to feel, and then get out of the way for how that feeling emerges. Fulfilled, connected, supported, appreciated, and respected are some choice words that can lead to amazing results.

Likely you’ll want to be well-compensated. I suggest tuning in to the desired result of paying your bills and having plenty extra for your extra-curriculars rather than pursuing x number of clients. This keeps the door open for generous tips, gifts, and other windfalls that are unforeseeable.

Once you’ve crafted your carefully worded intention, conjure up the feeling sense of that experience, and apply Reiki. I like to make art projects that visually represent my intentions and then Reiki the art. Sometimes I write it out in my journal and Reiki that. Other times, I simply place a hand on my heart, the other on my belly, and turn on the juice.

If you get recurring images of yourself as a dog groomer or living on top of a mountain writing poetry, it might be time to admit that the urges for a different lifestyle that you’ve been ignoring are demanding your attention. If you get flashes about a community health event or potential referral system, you’ll want to follow up. I often get breadcrumbs from the universe that lead me to new and unexpected business possibilities. It’s my job to do the legwork.

You can apply these same principles to maximizing your calendar or finding the right equipment or decor. Just like all other Reiki goals, it’s simply a matter of intention plus application, rinse, and repeat. It’s simple AND easy AND potent. Those words rarely go together in the same sentence!

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