Using Reiki for Internal Integrity

Lately, I’ve become increasingly aware of how my Reiki practice helps me align with my integrity. For the purposes of this article, I’m using the word “integrity” to indicate when my body, mind, and spirit are working together. Thoughts, feelings, sensations, circumstances, and goals are all taken into account and inform my decision making when I’m in integrity.

This requires honesty about where I am starting from, where I wish to go, and the resources I have at my disposal. I need to slog through layers of conditioning that tell me who I should be and what I should desire as well as the stories I tell myself about who I imagine myself to be. I need to have accurate coordinates to get accurate directions to my desired destination. If I wish I was in Phoenix, but really I’m in LA, and society tells me I ought to go to Seattle, but my heart chooses Buffalo, it’s pretty simple to see how my GPS could help or hinder me.

Today I’m feeling the need to get out of my apartment, where I’ve been holed up pretty consistently when not treating clients. I’ve had a series of long days and just want to go home after work. Yet… my soul needs time in nature. My normal plan is a hike in the nearby woods. However, I’m feeling pretty low energy, and not exactly up for a hike. My morning Reiki ritual helped me to understand that both these facts are important. It would be easy to neglect or override one or the other, but integrity requires me to consider both the need to be outside and to minimize exertion. Once I acknowledged this, it was easy to arrive at a solution to visit a neighborhood park and sit in the grass under a tree.

Of course not all compromises are as simple as this one, but Reiki always helps me find my way. If you’re interesting in learning how to get all aspects of yourself connected and collaborating, consider taking a Reiki class. It’s much more affordable than getting consistent treatments from a professional, and super-easy to learn. You can have healing energy at your fingertips wherever you are.

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