Tight Neck? Stiff Shoulders? I’ve Got You!

So many of us spend hours in positions that aren’t great for our bodies. Understanding a bit about body mechanics can point us toward remedies that effectively correct the imbalance rather than making it worse.

The vast majority of approaches I see people taking either don’t work or… sadly, make it worse. Check out my rubber band demonstration to see why.

I made this short video to demonstrate the remedy I use to keep myself feeling good no matter how much time I spend hunched over the massage table or keyboard.

No matter my good intentions for not hunching, I invariably end up in positions that are not great for me when I get immersed in what I’m doing. I’m guessing you can relate.

An alternative is to book a session! Massage, Reiki and my signature combo treatments can all treat muscle tension, ease stress and pain, and increase circulation and focus. Get yourself some support if you’re suffering.

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