The Unwelcome Messenger

My clients often tell me how much their pain medication is helping them. As gently as possible, I do my best to clarify that most pain killers are doing just that- killing the pain. They help us to feel less discomfort, but that is not at all the same thing as healing. In fact, in my eyes, it’s often counterproductive to healing, because it gives us a false sense of well-being and allows us to overlook the message the pain was meant to deliver. Shooting the messenger does not cancel out the message.

That’s right; I see pain as a messenger. It often brings a statement from the higher self. Sometimes pain indicates an imbalance either in the body or psyche. It is a clue that something is out of whack and needs to be addressed in order for vitality and complete health to emerge. Pain can also be a signal that a lifestyle change is in order or that a repetitive movement needs to be altered. It is sometimes the only way to convince a person to slow down and rest.

The body is asking for attention when this unwelcome messenger arrives. The one thing I know for certain is that the message is not “I need more ibuprofen”. I’m certainly not suggesting that people suffer through their injuries without pharmaceutical assistance. There absolutely is a place in healing for pain relief. It is my hope, however, that people will consider after taking the pill that a symptom still needs to be addressed. Don’t ignore the cry for help merely because the pain has been dulled. Dig deeper for the source of the pain and take steps to regain balance. Your long term well-being depends on it.

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