Revealing Secrets

Last week I told someone about the upcoming Reiki class that I was excited to be teaching. (Actually, I told everyone who crossed my path as I could hardly contain myself, but that’s not entirely relevant here!) This woman looked at me with a surprised expression and said, “You’re not going to reveal your secrets, are you? You’ll just be creating competition.” All I could do was smile and explain that I wasn’t at all worried about that because the world needs lots of healing and as more people are willing to share this gift, the more accepted Reiki will become.

It’s easy for me to forget that many people engage in a world that feels competitive. They see resources as limited and believe that there isn’t enough good for all of us. It’s easy for me to forget because that is soooooo not my reality! I live in a world that is abundant, where we can all have everything we need if we only allow it. I choose to believe that by initiating as many Reiki practitioners as I possibly can, I will enhance not only the environment in which I live, but also my own personal prosperity. The more people who are exposed to the idea of Reiki healing, the more who are open to exploring the possibilities and the potential client base expands due to this.

Who couldn’t enjoy more well-being, peace, joy, and love in their lives? Everyone, right? There are so many people outside of my social circle who could benefit from Reiki treatments or training. The more folks I am able to recruit to spread the word of this healing potential, the greater the demand for energy healing, the more calls I get for people wanting sessions. It’s my fantasy to attune as many people as possible to at least the first level of Reiki practice to increase the positive experiences of us all and to infuse this planet with unconditional love and compassion. How could that possibly not benefit all of us, myself included?

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