Radiant is the New Healthy

Since I’ve been dwelling in the realm of energetic healing, I’ve become fascinated by how my health continues to improve. I used to consider myself to be healthy because I didn’t suffer from any major diseases. As my vitality has grown over the years by treating myself with Reiki and strengthening my life-force energy, I’ve come to realize that there is much more to being well than merely the absence of disease. I’ve come to experience ever increasing levels of radiance, joy,  and wellness that inspire me to continue along this path of self-discovery.

It has since occurred to me that many of us are unaware of the potential we possess for spectacular well-being. It is my goal to initiate as many people as possible into the healing art of Reiki. This goal is based on the belief that we all contain the capacity to create the balance necessary for health to flourish from within. Reiki can help guide us along the way by strengthening our connection to the divine, opening us up to receive intuitive messages, and immersing us in the flow of spiritually guided life-force energy.

I have witnessed over and over again the incredible results of self-care and spiritual growth. Abundant vitality can be triggered with the simple practice of Reiki self-treatments. Do you suffer from common ailments that make your life less than perfect such as achy muscles, stiff joints, frequent headaches or colds? Do you awaken feeling fatigued and dreading the day ahead? Do you yearn for freedom from food cravings and indigestion or mood swings and inexplicable irritability? Can you imagine relief from constant anxiety, worry, or downright fear about your future? Do you want to love your life rather than simply surviving it?

Taking a Reiki class gives you the tools you need to promote your own wellness. These changes occur gradually through implementing lifestyle shifts that support physical/mental/emotional/spiritual balance. I know of no greater technique for fostering this process than accepting the simple and powerful gift of Reiki. Find a teacher near you and begin the journey to sheer radiance today. Information on my upcoming classes may be found on my website. Commit to this journey and watch as miracles unfold along the way..

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