Reiki as a Lifeline

I sometimes struggle with my seeming inability to describe the powerful healing benefits of Reiki. Words seem such an inadequate way of expressing a cosmic force that offers the essence of divine love to anyone open to receiving it. Yet words are the most common method we humans have of communicating with one another. Rather than merely stating that Reiki provides healing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic) and expecting that those unfamiliar with the concept of energywork will understand, I’ve decided to delve into the specifics of what that actually looks and feels like.

I find it difficult to ask for help; especially when I need it. This is a bit of a problem as there’s no sense in asking when I don’t need it, although sometimes I can plan ahead when I know a challenge is coming. I’m referring to times when I’m experiencing emotional distress and wanting comforting support. Reaching out to someone when I’m feeling pain is almost unbearable because if they are unable or unwilling to provide it, the wounded part of me that is activated takes it personally and creates more suffering. Even when I’m successful at finding a willing friend to sit with me in my time of need, they sometimes are uncomfortable being present with pain, are unskilled at the art of deep listening, or are unable to resist the urge to “fix” me.

I don’t need fixing. I need a compassionate witness who hears and understands me and continues to love me, including the mistakes I may have made or the grief I may be experiencing. And of course, I want it instantly! This is where the beauty of Reiki for self-care comes in. As a practitioner of this amazing healing art, I have access to divinely guided life-force energy at my fingertips 24/7. Reiki is never busy or flakey or impatient. This soothing balm flows immediately to where it is most needed and suddenly it is easier to remember that I am a divinely guided spiritual being and everything I need has already been provided to me. Reiki helps me reset my thinking and release resistance to What Is and allows me to graciously extract myself from any false identity as a victim. From there, my clear thinking is restored and my heart is at ease.

The circumstances might remain unchanged, yet everything is different. Reiki keeps me from spiraling downward into despair, from lashing out at anyone else in pain, from turning to unhealthy substances or behaviors to distract or numb myself, and from creating more suffering. From the calm that emerges I am better able to respond lovingly if a response is called for, or to let go and move on if that is what’s appropriate. It is not a magic pill that makes my world a perfect place; rather a remedy that promotes inner peace and the ability to accept life as it unfolds and allows my higher self to hold the reigns. The greatest gift of all is that anyone can learn how to practice Reiki in a day or two, and have this incredibly powerful tool available at their own fingertips 24/7.

2 thoughts on “Reiki as a Lifeline

  1. Very true, I too struggle to explain Reiki to unkowing people. But offering them a taster often helps.
    Recently I have been stressed with a lot going on and mainly trying to get a operation to remove my wisdom teeth. This has been aggony and I have had to take medication for the pain (first pills in 4 year), so five months of this has got me ungrouded. I did my first reiki in ages and felt instantly lifted, wish I had been doing it more 🙂


    1. Yikes! I hope you will continue to feel relief from the pain. you have a powerful tool available to help anytime you so choose. And when someone asks what you’re doing with your hands on your face, it’s an opening to practice your explanation. 😀


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