A Reiki Teacher’s Dream!

Occasionally I have the distinct honor of introducing someone to the body-mind-spirit healing realm. While many of my students have an established meditation, yoga, or spiritual practice, some of them find Reiki as their introduction into the metaphysical world. I attribute this to the wave of awakening that seems to be prevailing on this planet.

Last week a student looked at me with bright eyes and asked, “You mean my thoughts affect my health?”; I could practically see the light bulb over her head! We had been talking about Ki (life-force energy) and how we can expand or diminish it in normal, everyday life. While Reiki is a tremendously easy and effective way to boost Ki, our lifestyles, habits, thoughts, and beliefs also have a huge impact on our health by either draining or building Ki.

Becoming aware that my thoughts, notably the persistent and recurring type thoughts that I engage in constantly, affect my well-being shifted my life more than any other lesson in this lifetime. Recognizing that I have so much control (and eek! responsibility) was truly empowering. To offer this medicine to another young woman beginning her healing journey was such a blessing! As much for me as it was for her.

Of course I appreciate all my students’ questions. Many of them keep me on my toes with deep and insightful queries. I enjoy all the challenges they bring and every discussion about Reiki and healing is valuable to me. In fact I learn just as much from my students as they do from me. I love it when an unusual question activates a level of thinking that I hadn’t accessed before. I am on a lifetime journey myself and every student and client contributes to my map.

Likewise, I enjoy cheering them on for their individual journeys; from those taking their first steps to those in the midst of a marathon. Each of them brightens my life with their curiosity and willingness to learn. Knowing that I have such amazing company on my journey is truly inspiring. I’m feeling both deeply humbled and extremely blessed to allow Reiki to teach through me. It’s quite possibly the best job ever!


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