Reiki and Spiritual Guidance

Back pain and anxiety drew me to Reiki many years ago. I was hooked from the very beginning! Little did I know that seeking respite from these difficulties would set me on a spiritual path that would change my life’s trajectory. Consistent self-treatment supplemented by assistance from colleagues provided relief and a surprising twist.

I became curious about the “whys” and well as the “hows” when symptoms emerged, and I fell down an unexpected rabbit hole. It became obvious that my discomfort was often a sign that my head and heart were misaligned. Rather than simply chasing away the aches and pains, I dug deeper and began exploring the underlying imbalances.

Reiki helped me to become present and tune in to my body. As I made time every day to heal myself, patterns began to emerge. I eventually realized that my lower back would ache when I was feeling unsupported and anxiety would soon follow. I began setting an intention to heal the root cause of these unpleasant symptoms.

Consistent treatment helped me to see that the discomfort was actually my soul alerting me that I was ignoring my purpose for this lifetime; a calling that was uniquely mine, that mattered to both my personal evolution and to the world at large. This awakening led me to appreciate the pain, both physical and emotional, as cues to activate my intuition and open to guidance.

Soon I began to understand that I was tremendously supported in ways that matter deeply to my soul’s mission, but not at all in the interests that distracted me from it! I was not supported in the quest for status or the pursuit of dysfunctional relationships. When I became attached to a goal that was misaligned with my calling and overrode the messages that I was off track, eventually pain would step in, forcing me to rest and reflect.

During these mandatory pauses, it became so clear that I was being redirected! As I chose to honor my body and my emotions, a new path emerged. I committed to taking inspired action rather than blindly plowing through obstacles and I developed a sense of trust that Spirit was always guiding me. The more I listened, the clearer the signals became.

I rarely need an intervention as drastic as a panic attack or acute lumbar distress these days. As I invest in my health and spiritual awakening through my daily Reiki practice, it’s become clear that I am uniquely situated to offer a specific type of medicine to my clients and community due to my experiences and personal constitution. Reiki is the remedy that opened me to spiritual guidance and is now the remedy I have to share with others.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than guiding students and clients on their soul’s path. If you’re interested in tapping into your inner wisdom and opening to spiritual guidance, Reiki can help you as well. You don’t need any special skills or experience to receive a treatment or sign up for a beginning class. Fortunately for us all, you can do both from the comfort and safety of your own home.

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