Reiki Empowerment

Many of my clients and students tell me they are struggling to remain rooted in this world, aware of the events of 2020, connected to the well of peace within, and aligned with their soul’s calling. It is indeed a balancing act to keep our eyes and ears open and participate in a society that seems to grow more chaotic by the day without allowing ourselves to get swept up by despair and anxiety.

Some spiritually minded folks prefer to keep their attention focused inward, ignoring the struggle that so many are facing these days. That is absolutely an option for those of us who are privileged enough to not be directly affected by the state of the world. There are plenty of roles to be played during this time of great transformation.

If you’d prefer a more active role, perhaps with boots on the ground, as a participant in the crucial discussions happening online, or as a leader, teacher, or facilitator of some sort, you need not sacrifice your health and well-being to do so.

I’m observing an awakening of many activists who wish to lend a hand in recreating, in their own ways, the world we live in. People are stretching beyond their comfort zones to help their communities and beyond, and it is heartwarming to behold. I applaud those who are stepping up to engage in the shaping of our global future. I also recognize the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fatigue that they risk without adequate care for themselves.

Reiki is the easiest, safest, and most powerful tool I am aware of to keep our tanks full so that we can return again and again to our missions. Filling ourselves with life-force energy and releasing unnecessary stress boosts our immune systems and our connection to intuition, two important factors for remaining able to continue on our paths with clarity and vitality. Even the greatest warriors need occasional respite. Taking the time to tend to our needs allows us to return to the arena, bringing our wisdom, power, and stamina.

It requires effort, but it is possible to have an embodied, visceral connection to the spiritual world, an eye toward the future we hope to build, and a sense of purpose integrated with inner peace. At times, staying involved without becoming a martyr will feel like a complicated dance. Receiving frequent Reiki infusions along can be both the anchor that allows you to remain grounded and the raft that keeps you afloat.

Anyone can learn Reiki in a short amount of time, without any prior knowledge or skill. These days there are plenty of online classes to choose from if you don’t have a teacher in your area. Once initiated into this healing modality, you forever have access to it.

I recommend a daily self-treatment of flooding oneself with spiritually guided life-force energy as a preventative approach, but it’s also easy to activate Reiki in times of stress, crisis, or pain. I call this technique Reiki on the fly and it is tremendously helpful. It’s also comforting to know that access to this infinite source of healing is at the fingertips whenever needed.

If the thought of adding one more thing, no matter how brilliant, to your daily to-do list causes you to cringe, you can benefit from seeking out a practitioner to support you. Depending on where you live, you might be able to receive a hands-on treatment. If not, there’s another, equally potent option. Long-distance Reiki is a tried and true service that allows a recipient to relax wherever they are and absorb the healing energy transferred from afar.

Reiki really is exactly the medicine we need during these challenging times. It gives us the extra oomph required to pursue our calling without a need to sacrifice our well-being. It’s easy and safe to use and is always available. Reiki provides us with the best possible chance of enjoying optimal health while remaining engaged with the world. You need not be forced to choose one or the other; Reiki can help you have both.

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