Tosha Silver on How to Deal with Difficult People

Ooooh! This is fabulous.

Here’s the gem if you don’t want to spend 7 minutes watching this video: “Oppositional energy strengthens the problem.”

Meaning if I can soften my response to someone who isn’t behaving the way I want them to, they don’t need to be as committed to their course of action.

Tosha uses gratitude, which can be a big step in certain situations. Perhaps acceptance or neutrality might be an easier entrance point until gratitude muscles get built up.

Either way, it’s a big change from the inner fuming that is so popular in our culture!

I have a bit of an issue with labeling people as “difficult”. Really it’s just behavior that doesn’t conform to my preferences. I’d prefer this was called “How to Deal with Difficult Situations.” Does that make me difficult?

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