11 Ways I Use Reiki Before Breakfast

It’s my goal to illustrate the broad range of possibilities each and every one of us has to use Reiki to improve our lives on a daily basis. Sure, a full treatment with a professional practitioner is an amazing, transformative event, but setting the intention for healing throughout the day, and boosting it with a blast of Reiki has a synergistic effect, transforming our lives from the inside out. We don’t need to rely on someone else, or the formality of lying down for an hour to receive the benefits of Reiki. It can be incorporated into our daily flow and used to support our goals, whatever they may be. So I lovingly present to you this less-than-comprehensive list of the ways I casually use Reiki to improve my mornings.

1. Upon waking, I do a quick body scan. If I notice any aches, I take 3-5 mins to place my hands on that area and visualize golden, healing light releasing any blockages or toxins or limiting beliefs that may be contributing to my discomfort.

2. Upon rising, I sit for a moment on the edge of my bed, and flow Reiki into my aura, filling myself up to capacity with the white light of unconditional love. This serves as an energetic force field, protecting me from negative energies; only love may now enter my energy field.

3. While washing my face, I beam Reiki through my eyes into my reflection in the mirror. I acknowledge that I am a spiritual being with the essence of pure consciousness and that I am divinely loved and guided. I take a few seconds to work on a blemish beneath my eye that my dermatologist calls a “barnacle” (yuck! no thank you!) that is benign but unattractive. It is shrinking over time.

4. I Reiki my toothbrush for good dental health. (If I were a person who showers in the morning, while shampooing, I’d Reiki my brain for focus and clarity, and then every inch of my body, along with the soap and hair products, and the very shower head so that I would be rinsed clean with the purity of healing energy. I do this at night before bed, but there’s no reason it can’t be done in the morning.)

5. I bless my tea kettle and the water within to nourish my cells with Reiki healing energy.

6. I Reiki my wallet to attract the abundance and income I need to follow my Divine Life Purpose and enjoy my life to the fullest.

7. I Reiki my calendar so that everything flows smoothly in Divine Order, for the highest good of all.

8. I take a short walk to the ocean’s edge to say a prayer for the day. I place my hands on my heart adding the intention that my prayer be boosted by Reiki.  (Yes, indeed, I am very lucky in this regard! Prayers can be offered anywhere, I just so love the water that it adds an extra “oomph” to my prayers. And by the way, it was by Reiki’ing my prayers that I manifested such a lovely home!)

9. While there, I take a moment to channel Reiki to my friends and family who are in need of healing, love, or support. (Level 2 Reiki classes teach a long-distance symbol which boosts the capacity to transmit energy to those who are not geographically present, but I truly believe that it can be done by Level 1 practitioners who intend to do so from the heart center.)

10. I invoke Reiki energy during my seated meditation to clear any blockages and allow me to be fully present in silence and stillness so that I may know myself, my truth, and the Will of the Divine.

11. I beam Reiki through my eyes as I am preparing my breakfast (and my lunch which I usually do simultaneously) and intend that I will receive Divine Nourishment through this food to sustain me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Now, you may be thinking that there’s no way you have time for all of this! It has taken me a decade to perfect this morning ritual by analyzing my priorities, experimenting with different techniques, and noticing the extreme benefits of following through. This is the devotional practice that allows me to be my very best, to feel good in my body and good about myself, and to be fully charged to be of service throughout the day. The point that I especially want to make clear: the addition of Reiki doesn’t take any extra time. It merely comes from the intention of adding healing energy to what I am already doing. You could wake up, bless a cigarette and a pot of coffee and three donuts with Reiki, and you would be more aligned with your Higher Self, more energized, more centered and grounded than if you just smoked, caffeinated, and stuffed your face.

Reiki can be a wonderful addition to virtually any lifestyle. I encourage anyone who is remotely interested in holistic health, spirituality, well-being, or living a life filled with peace, love, joy, truth, and freedom to explore the possibility of taking a class and receiving the attunement so that you may fill each day and your heart with Reiki. And watch as you are gradually motivated to spruce up your morning routine and make the time to connect with yourself and the divine. Just wait and see how it spills out into every area of your life.



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