Letting Go, Moving On

Last week a client reported that his girlfriend had really enjoyed the Community Reiki Clinic they attended a few months back. I was delighted to hear this; it had been her first experience with Reiki healing and I hadn’t gotten a chance to check in with her afterwards. He went on to tell me, “She quit her job soon after that.” What? That was certainly unexpected! I joked that I would not be using this as a testimonial on my website.

He then explained that she had been wanting to leave her job for some time and just hadn’t found the motivation. Apparently the Reiki session helped her to get clear that it was time to move on and she started looking for new employment. Once the wheels were in motion, it didn’t take long to find a position that was better suited to her. He claims she’s much happier now.

Actually, this story isn’t uncommon. Very often people report that they feel stuck in uncomfortable situations; jobs, relationships, housing, and health are the most common scenarios I hear about from my clients. They know something needs to change, but they just aren’t sure how to begin. Reiki can quickly help them see the bigger picture, and align themselves with the improvement they seek. Somehow the disharmonious circumstance drains a person’s energy, leaving them floundering and uncertain. Once they get a Reiki recharge, focus and stamina are boosted, and the way is made clear.

This is the same phenomenon that prevents me from answering “yes” to the common question, “Can you heal me?” Sometimes what people mean when they ask me that is if I can magically make them happy in an environment or relationship that is not serving their highest good. I’ve seen Reiki change lives in dramatic ways to support the recipient. Indeed it is not always convenient, but it is a powerful energizer. When our lifestyles are not in alignment with our highest good, Reiki seems to attract the necessary circumstances to motivate us to seek change.

Reiki: it will make unhappy circumstances intolerable. If you’re feeling stuck, in your job or elsewhere, it can give you the nudge you need to transform your life. It always supports our highest good. I’m considering a new tag line: Get Reiki and Say Goodbye to Everything that Holds You Back. Nah, too many words. I’ll stick with Relax, Renew, Restore.

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